Since January 2017, ceramics has become a huge part of my life. Word on the street is that "ceramics is the new yoga", and I couldn't agree more. Although I didn't start ceramics for any specific reason other than just wanting a new hobby, it has quickly brought my life such balance. As a creative, it's easy to overthink your designs and sometimes the only concerns you have is if something you create will make sense to anyone and if it will sell. I've fallen in love with ceramics because it helps me forget about creating for others and start creating for myself. Sometimes when I sit down at the wheel with a piece of clay I let the clay decide what it wants to be- a bowl, a vase, a plate, whatever. I naturally like to plan ahead and because I am trying to become a better potter I do sometimes have to plan what I'm going to make depending on the shape I'm trying to achieve. But, the idea that I can sometimes just let the clay be without having to overthink it is truly an escape.


Below is a gallery of some of my completed work. I record my progress and current WIPs often on my Instagram.


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